Corporate Video Production

After completing the filming of your corporate video production, you go into the post production suite where the video editing begins. Now the script starts to come to life through the magic of editing and all the pieces mentioned in the original plan will now come together. After the story is structured, graphics, animations special effects will be added increasing the production value of your film and the impact to your target audience.

An editor with intellectual diligence and master skills will include the graphics and titles where they are needed to give a clear idea of your product. Animations, light effects and sound effects enhance the video where needed and where there is motivation to do so. Indicating your address, your phone and other prudent information should also be added as a call to action in order to let the public know where you or your products/services are available.

Arriving at this point, your promotional video is what you were waiting for; a master tool conceived and developed to increase sales, awareness, and interest towards your company, products and/or services.

How to find the right editor for your project? Editing requires experts! Editors are highly skilled artists and technicians prepared to make the best out of your production in order to enhance the quality of your Corporate Video. Technology for film editing is improving day by day, and the person or persons that will take care of this very important part of your creation are prepared to put in the effort until the video conveys the needed message. After all, a great video usually goes through several edits to get it right.

How Much Do Graphics Cost in Corporate Video Production

The editing process begins with importing the video footage, logging, and assembling the footage into sequences and scenes. Next, the rough cut stage is where the editing gets more focused on eliminating shots/scenes from the assembly edit. After the rough cut, the edit goes into a fine cut stage where the film is fine-tuned and finessed. During this process, the picture is enhanced and graphics, titles, motion graphics, animations are added. Once the fine edit is complete and the picture is locked, the video will go into post sound for audio editing and mixing. This is where the audio levels are balanced; music and sound effects are added as well as mixed and mastered.

As the sound editing is being done the picture can be colour corrected. This is a very important stage, which consists of colour balancing the footage as well as correcting contrast and brightness of each shot. If multiple cameras, animations, visual effects, and compositing are incorporated this is where the picture is fine-tuned so everything is seamless. Finally, you will find that editing costs will vary depending on many factors such as the length of the film, the number of graphics, titles, animations and special effects applied. Single scenes will require less editing than complex scenes taken from many different angles.

Cost per hour will vary for a short video depending on what’s required and the corporate video production company you choose. On average hourly rates will be between $150 to $250 per hour for graphics, titles, motion graphics and animation. These elements take time to design and implement into an edit plus there is rendering time to take into account. Today, most of the videos include graphic elements, motion graphics, and animations. With advancements in technology, some post production processes have been streamlined to save time. Having said that the post-production process is time-consuming because it affects the final quality of the video and really depends on what the video needs to communicate the message effectively.

The editing cost should be considered from the very beginning of the corporate video production process. No matter how long it takes, when you pay for it, you’re paying for the excellence of a perfect product. Rethink your budget if you are thinking about reducing the time for video and audio editing because it will impact the overall video.

Video Production Companies

In this century, we are surrounded by videos whether it’s on our computers or smart phones. In seems like all industries are using videos to get in front of people. When we make reservations through our smart phones we look at their ratings and what people say about the hotel. A lot of hotels have a video that shows you the room options, the furniture and sightseeing attractions in the area. Families share memories using videos uploaded on social networks. Even the last hit of a famous singer has been presented to the world by a video clip.

The Video Production industry is facing a fast growth. You can find a lot of small, medium, and big companies with a complete range of services either for a birthday party video or for a national promotional TV show. So many video production companies look the same, but there are essential differences in what they offer like production, quality and costing for a film production. Amateur’s and freelancers may offer cheap, budget packages working with their own personal equipment in clear contrast with established firms with state-of-the-art technology and professional staff dealing with a catalogue of complete services, including editing, post-production, and delivery.

How to choose the best production company to provide an effective video that meets your needs and the market you are communicating too? Keep in mind that a professional Video Production Company can make a film, but not all of them will make your video exactly as you imagine it. In fact, this is a very hard objective, to find the right fit for your company because comparing services is quite different from separating good apples from the bad apples.

We know that expert advice from a professional is the best way to obtain good quality. Skills and experience also have to be considered before selecting the right production company for your project, as well as testimonials and references. What do you need to know before hiring a Video Production Company? When planning the investment and budget for creating a Corporate Video promotion, you have to think about the following variables that will affect the cost: Do you have the script for your project, or perhaps you require the right advice from experts in marketing to make it? Only you will know your total requirements to make your idea a satisfying reality. Will you need Talent? Can actors be non-union or union? Have in mind that the use of professional actors will increase the costs of payment for royalties, rights and usage fees.

How many days are necessary to record your video? And how many days for Editing and Post-production? Will these services affect your original planning?Where is the best location for your video? Locations and transportation requirements will be added to the planning and budget of the project? Have the Editing and Post-Production charges been considered? Registration, Trade Marks, Logos, branding, reproductions and copies need to be considered in your plan.

Among all the companies offering the same services, picking the right one will require research and a market study. Video Production is not a matter of good luck; by the contrary, it demands research, planning, scheduling, a good story, creativity, expertise and attention to detail.

How to compare budget proposals? We’ve mentioned all the variables that will affect the final cost of your corporate video. Remember that some of them require more time and care to be completed while others are quicker. Once you have two or more proposals from Video Production Companies take the time to compare price per hour for the different stages of production. The best offer isn’t always the cheapest one, as services are not always easy to compare. Choosing the right video production company for your needs will pay off. Look for experts, contact them, visit websites of Video Production Companies, read the commentaries, see portfolios, only then consider the total amount to be invested.